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Becca Miller's April 2013 Update

The Christian International School of Prague's Answer to Prayer!

CISP has been searching for a new building for about four years. After looking at about 15 different properties (or so), a new building was found last July...except it would take a lot of work to fix up...and we didn't have the money to do it...and the gave the contract to someone else. But then, the other people backed out and the contract was offered to us.
After a long journey, including an anonymous donor giving us about $72,000, someone donating us IT equipment and furniture, and being told that we needed recognition from the Czech Ministry of Education (which we received in March) and A LOT of prayer, CISP has received our new building!
We are so excited that we have space for our entire school to be in the same building and that we have room to grow! The building is a mess now (construction has begun), but it's OURS (for the next ten years at least). Please, join with us in praising God for the remarkable answer to prayer! It will be so amazing to have a building where we have control over when we use the playground and the gyms...and our secondary students don't have to trek a block and a half to get to class!
God has done great things, and this is nothing short of a gift from Him!

Plzen Liberation Festival

I am not the most patriotic person in the world. Once upon the time "America the Beautiful" was my favorite song, but that hasn't been the case since I was about four. The last time I felt incredibly proud to be an American was after 9/11. I think it has something to do with me living outside the U.S. since 2003...However, this past weekend I felt VERY patriotic!
For those of you who do not know much about the effects of WWII on the Czech Republic, they were invaded by Germany in 1939. It was not until 1945 that U.S. soldiers under the command of General Patton liberated part of the country from German control. In an agreement made with the Soviets, the U.S. liberated as far into the country as the city of Plzen (Pilsen in English). Since the fall of Communism, Plzen has celebrated this liberation every May with a Liberation Festival.
A group of us from the school headed to Plzen on May 6 to be a part of the festival. There were Americans flags everywhere, as well as many people walking around in t-shirt with American flags on them (not something you normally see in Europe). The best part was the parade. Actors dressed in period clothing, as well as veterans who helped liberate the city, parade through the streets. The guest of honor for this parade was George Patton's grandson.
I'm glad I had a chance to join in this celebration of history!

Would you like me to speak at your church or group? Please e-mail me to let me know!

Ways to Pray

  • Next week, CISP will be visited by an accreditation team from the Association of Christian School's International. Please pray that this will go smoothly and that our passion for Prague will be evident to them.
  • Pray for my visa application to go through the process well!
  • Pray for me as I head back to the States for the summer on June 24 to visit family and supporters. Pray that God would bless my time there, and that He would continue to lift up people to partner with me!
  • Please pray for CISP as we work to get the building ready for school in September.

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