Harry S.Truman


Before He Was President

He Was Born May,8 1884 The Place He Was Born Is LamarMissouri His Parents Are John Anderson and Martha Ellenyoung His Brother and Sister Is John, Vivian and Mary Jane. 3 inportent things are He had bad eyesight. He was a pino player. In 1917 he joined the army.

Harrys.Truman was a soldier.

During His Presidency

He was President from 1945-1953. Elezbeth Virginia Wallce Truman was HarryS.Trumans wife, his child was Marget.3 important things Truman servived an assassination attempt. HarryS. Truman was known by more than one nickname. The koraenwar was foght toward the end of Harry S. Trumans term in office.

Harrys.Truman enjoing a car ride.