The Enigma Machine


About it

  • 1915, two Dutch Naval officers invented a machine to encrypt messages. This became known as the Enigma machine.

  • The Enigma machine was used by the Germans to send messages to their allies.
  • England then sent spys from Poland to Germany to find out how to de-crypt their plans
  • The three mathmatesions returned to Polond after solving messages and sending copys back to London, and information on how to solve the Enigma code.
  • Shortly after the Germans invaded Poland, captured the three men and tortured them.


  • The Collossus Computer was made by Thomas Flowers it cost £1000 out of his own pocket and it helped crack the Enigma code.
  • It was the worlds first programmable electronic Computer it lived at bletchley house at the original was destroyed in the second world war.
  • There was 2 versions of the computer
  • The colossus computer was vitel to the second world war as it played a big part in ending it.
  • he Collossus is literally huge that's why it's called Collussus like a Supercomputer of today in terms of size