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Be a Part of Our Library Bulletin Board Staff "Mugshots"

Come to the LMC to get your photo taken for a "Banned Books" bulletin board by Tuesday, September 29. See example below.
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Tech Tip: For Chromebook Devices not Connecting To Wireless

Many students are coming to the LMC for assistance with connecting devices to the internet. If a student is unable to connect wirelessly, please have the student manually turn off computer by holding the power button until the lights turn off completely (about 20 seconds). The student should wait at least 15 seconds, and then power on. This has worked well when troubleshooting in the LMC.

Did You Know That You Can Check out Ebooks Through MMSD's Overdrive?

You and your students are able to check out fiction, non-fiction, audio, and professional titles through Overdrive. Want a tutorial for your class? Schedule a time with Jen MC!
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ScienceFlix offers thirty complete scientific units overs six curricula strands, each featuring:

  • Engaging videos to build background knowledge and introduce key vocabulary
  • Anchor articles written at three reading levels
  • Supplemental articles written at three reading levels
  • Project and experiment ideas
  • Science careers section
  • News articles with study guides
  • Multimedia including interactive timelines, slideshows, videos, and more
  • Lesson plans

To access, visit: http://auth.digital.scholastic.com/login/scienceflix/login.php

Username: whitehorse227

password: qwerty