Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle

Professionally Experienced Broker

Success in the Brokering Industry

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a dedicated business broker and professional who prides himself on his reputation of being an optimist and never giving up on even the most difficult of listings. He has been a broker since 1984 and has a wide range of experience, selling all types of companies for as little as $168k and for as much as $35m.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: Unique in Brokering

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has built a career around offering a dedicated, unique service to all of his clients seeking to sell their company or business. Jeff knows that when it comes to hiring a business broker to sell your company, you want someone who is good with people, good with numbers, and who has experience in owning a business. Jeff has all of those traits and brings with him a skill set and level of experience that sets him apart from others in his field.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has worked as a broker since 1984 after he learned to market, analyze, and sell companies from attending Colorado State University’s graduate program in Business and Accounting. Jeff is an expert at analyzing a company’s each and every benefit that a potential buyer would receive upon purchase, laying the groundwork for achieving the highest possible sale price.

Jeff’s age and wide range of experience allow him to close deals swifter and more efficiently than others, often mediating the seller’s and buyer’s differences inexpensively and pain-free. His unique video marketing packages have been complimented over the years and offer potential buyer’s a better overall feel for the company and its operations. He has sold businesses for as much as $35 million and for as little as $168,000, a testament to his versatility and dedication to success.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle sells businesses throughout all of Colorado, including in the cities of Aspen, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Loveland, Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, and every area of Denver. He is happy to provide references.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: Brokering Peace of Mind

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle knows that when it comes to brokering businesses, discretion, confidence, and peace of mind are important. Jeff is able to offer that through his sound business practices and experience as a broker. He has been a broker since 1984 after attending Colorado State University’s Business and Accounting Graduate Program acquiring invaluable experience.

He started work as a stockbroker for a company based out of Greeley, Colorado, called Gilbert Marshal, but would take a position at Prudential Bache Securities just shortly after. He would work for Prudential Bache Securities for 13 years, holding the titles of Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, and Training Manager. He purchased First Financial Services in 2003 after joining the company in 2002. He would eventually sell all of his businesses in order to become a full-time business broker. He now works with Company Broker Group LLC, an organization that he has been involved with since 2004.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle offers a service that his industry counterparts cannot compete with. His unique combination of video marketing and list of qualified buyers allows him to close deals swiftly, discretely, and efficiently. His video marketing packages give potential buyers a better overall feel for the company and business that they are considering buying. His marketing techniques have been complimented over the years, and their success is illustrated by his having the number one viewed listing in all of Colorado on Bizbuysell in August and September of 2014. He is also happy to provide references.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: Hassle-Free Brokering

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle prides himself on being able to offer his clients the best possible service available when it comes to their transition from owning and operating a business to retiring. Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has demonstrated consistently over the years his ability to close deals swiftly and efficiently for clients seeking to sell their business.

As an expert in analyzing companies, Jeff outlines and describes each benefit that a buyer would receive upon the purchase of each business, laying the groundwork for achieving the highest sale price possible. Jeff’s age and experience give him the know-how when it comes to buyer’s and seller’s differences, mediating them effectively to help get a Seller a successful closing.

His wide range of experience is important; he has conducted business across a diverse set of industries, including retail, internet marketing, retail, equipment, roofing, woodworking, credit card processing, construction, manufacturing, and telecommunications, among the list. He has sold all sizes of businesses as well, having sold companies for as little as $168k and for as much as $35 million. He is confident that he can represent just about any type of business successfully.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle achieves high rates of success through his utilization of a long list of qualified buyers established over his career in combination with a unique video marketing approach that highlights the seller’s story. He comes highly recommended from past clients and is happy to provide references. Jeff has sold businesses throughout Colorado, including areas such as Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Springs, Loveland, Boulder and every part of Denver.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: A Leader in Brokering

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has established a reputation as a successful and experienced business broker by demonstrating consistent excellence and dedicated service.

After learning how to market, analyze, and sell companies, he took a position as a stock broker with Gilbert Marshal, based out of Greeley, Colorado. He left Gilbert Marshal at the age of 25 and accepted a position with Prudential Bache Securities where he would work for 13 years, holding positions such as Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, and Training Manager. In 2002, he joined First Financial Services and FSC Securities where he worked as an independent broker and Registered Investment Advisor. He purchased First Financial Services in 2003, renaming it to 1st Financial Services. He then transitioned into being a full time business broker drawing on his experience and ability to understand, market, and sell companies.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle, uses his unique marketing techniques and sound business practices for clients seeking to transition from operating a business to retirement. He has both benefited from and contributed to Company Broker Group’s list of qualified buyers, giving him a tremendous resource to use his skills when working for a client.

Jeff has a wide range of experience as a business broker, having sold businesses across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, equipment, retail, manufacturing, internet marketing, credit card processing, and construction, to name a few. He has never received a client complaint and prides himself on perseverance when selling even the most difficult of listings.

Achieving Success in his Field

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle consistently finds ways to go above and beyond for his clients. As a professional business broker, he is responsible for successfully transitioning his clients out of daily business operations and into retirement, a process that he prides himself on conducting in a swift, efficient, and discrete manner. Jeff has a dedicated work ethic and complete optimism that he can sell even the toughest of listings.

Over the course of his business broker career, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has acquired a wide range of experience across numerous industries and levels of business. During his time as a business broker, he has represented businesses achieving upwards of $147 million in annual revenues, as well as businesses as small as $400,000. He has sold businesses for as much as $35 million and for as little as $168,000. His foray into various industries is highlighted by his never having received a client complaint. He has represented business in technology, roofing, manufacturing, equipment, woodworking, telecommunications, credit card processing, retail, construction, and internet marketing, among others.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is an expert at analyzing companies, detailing and highlighting all of the potential benefits that a buyer would receive upon its purchase. His competitive edge comes from his long list of established, qualified buyers and his unique marketing approach. To give all parties involved a better feel for business, Jeff creates a video marketing package that illustrates the seller’s story.

Jeff has sold businesses throughout all of Colorado, including the areas of Grand Junction, Aspen, Loveland, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and every part of Denver.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - Brokerage Advice

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional business broker with nearly thirty years of valuable experience in the financial world. Over the years Jeff has accumulated a set of skills and knowledge about the industry that has set him apart from much of the competition. Now that Jeff has become older and more seasoned, he feels confident in every situation and believes he can close every deal. One of the first aspects of brokering is establishing trust and competence and Jeff has a very successful track record that he can show prospective clients. Jeff says that social skills are probably one of the most important assets a broker can have, and that you are really more of a mediator for each party, someone who can lend sound financial advice to each side to make sure a deal is smooth and successful.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says that another good attribute to have to be a successful business broker is good fundamental knowledge of the financial world today. Jeff says that staying current with the ever changing market place isn't just an advantage in the industry, it is a necessity. Jeff says that the fastest way to lose a deal is to look like you don't know what you're talking about, which is what will happen if you aren't aware of the current market valuations and attitudes. Jeff says by simply staying current and keeping an eye on the business world, you can be that much better of a broker.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - The Job Description

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional business broker with much experience in the realm of finance and sales. Though many people have heard of a business broker, there are far fewer who know what it is they do exactly. Jeff says that it is actually quite a common phenomenon when he explains what he does for a living that people don’t fully understand what skills are needed to sell a business. Jeff says that many believe a broker is nothing more than a glorified salesman, something Jeff says cannot be further from the truth. A true business broker is a financial expert being able to accurately value a business and be able to communicate to every type of seller and buyer. Jeff offers sound business advice based on knowledge of the market place, his experience with financials, and people. Jeff creates graphs and accumulates and creates supporting information to showcase the information a potential buyer needs to be comfortable.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle believes that the key distinction between a good and bad broker is mostly about how much work they put into each listing, their knowledge about the current market place, and their ability to communicate effectively and positively. Jeff believes that he can accurately price a business and have the confidence of how to best present it and to get it to the closing table.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - Consistency is Key

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a well-respected and hardworking professional business broker who has had many successful closings. Jeff is a mover and a shaker by nature, gifted with a mind for finance and business, as well as a determined no nonsense work ethic that keeps him at the top of his industry. Jeff is a force to be reckoned with, as many competitive brokers know. Jeff says that there have been many reasons why he has experienced the exceptional amount of success that he has in the business world, but that the one that seems to be the most important is consistency. Jeff says that consistency is key to success in the brokerage world because people want stability, they want to be able to trust in something, which is the entire reason behind getting a business broker in the first place. Jeff says a broker's real job is to provide peace of mind, something that Jeff says is best achieved by keeping your results consistently successful.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says that consistency in being able to get businesses sold puts potential clients minds at ease. Jeff says that having a positive and consistent track record has been the linchpin behind getting a number of successful brokerage deals. Jeff says that him simply being able to show a history of his high percentage of successful closings he has been able to win over the confidence of many clients.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - A Positive Attitude

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says that the key to a successful personal and professional life is pretty simple, it starts with having a positive attitude and to be always working on what is most important. Jeff says that though most would like to approach things with a positive light, that they find it very difficult, especially when a business deal goes awry, or something doesn't go according to plan. Jeff says that it is times like these when the chips are down that it is most important to remain positive and have the experience to know how to handle it. Jeff says that by staying poised and professional in difficult situations, is important to keep the confidence of your clients and potential buyers. Confidence and experience can solve even the biggest potential hurdles to success.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says that having a positive attitude has not just aided him in his professional life, but his personal life as well. Jeff says that over the years he has been faced with many hardships and obstacles that had to be overcome in order to reach the position he is in today. Jeff says that the only way he found strength to persevere was to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook, which has been a key to his success.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - A History Buff

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a man with many interests, and someone who likes to learn and explore. One of Jeff's interests is his passion for history. Jeff says that history has always fascinated him, especially developmental history and periods of war. Jeff says that it is so intriguing to him to see how the world today was shaped by the actions of those before us, how even the landscape of Earth itself changed based upon all of the events that occurred in the storied path of our planet. Jeff says that it is one of his greatest pleasures to dive head first into a history book. Jeff says that so much political, social, and economic intrigue can be found in a history book, and that often the real stories are stranger and more exciting that the fiction. Jeff says that yesterday’s events inspire today's actions, which is one of the reasons that he believe it makes him a better broker also.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says it is also important for him to study history because of his profession. Jeff says that as a business broker, it is good to have a strong understanding of economy and its behavior, as well as to have an opinion of the direction it may take in the future. Jeff says the best way to predict the future, is to look to the past, to recognize similar economic patterns that still exist today. Jeff says that his experience combined with his understanding of history has helped him to be a better business broker.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - A History

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has had an interesting life, full of twists and turns and experiences that have cultivated him into the man he is today. As Jeff's bio states he, “grew up in Columbus Ohio where he attended Upper Arlington High School. He went to College at Ohio Wesleyan University where his parents went, met, and married. He finished his undergraduate work at University of Wyoming as part of Geology/Liberal Arts degree. He has lived in Colorado since 1983 when he attended CSU Graduate School for Business and Accounting. He has been a Broker since 1984 when he began learning how to analyze, market, and to sell companies. He owned a painting company where he hired 3 friends in College and later worked as a department manager at Gart Brothers in Ft Collins, CO. He passed his Series 7 and 63 tests in 1984 and went to work as a stock broker for Gilbert Marshal in Greeley Colorado before getting hired at the age of 25 for Prudential Bache Securities where he spent 13 years and held the titles of Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, Training Manager, and local Liaison to Prudential Insurance. He joined Piper Jaffrey Securities as a broker in Denver while managing the Evergreen office at the same time in 1999.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle would then further his career as stated in his bio by, “He left three years later to join First Financial Services and FSC Securities as an independent broker and Registered Investment Advisor. He bought First Financial Services in 2003 and renamed it 1st Financial Services. He has held a series 65, 54, 8, 24, and 3 licenses. He also became a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Mutual Fund Counselor, and He has owned several business which he sold to be a full time business broker. He has been helping Company Broker Group LLC since 2004 and decided to focus on it full time in mid-2010. He has sold many business of various industries and sizes including several at a premium to the listing price and has had no complaints. He prides himself on his work ethic and success rate. He has sold technology, roofing, retail, internet marketing, telecommunications, Credit Card Processing, Woodworking, Manufacturing, Construction, Specialty Equipment, Rental Equipment, and a Franchise.” Jeff continues to make a positive impact in the business brokerage world, setting an example to many on how to property conduct yourselve and still be successful for your client.