I Have a Dream

Maryam Khan

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  • Unfair Behavior
  1. Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving her seat up to a white man.

  2. Blacks faced discrimination and segregated.

  3. Lack of opportunity for those who are not White.

  4. King's home had been shaken by a terrorist bomb blast because he was an African American preaching about freedom

  • Job/ Work Differences
  1. African American's were not able to do the same jobs as whites.
  2. African American's were paid less.
  3. Unemployment rates were high for blacks.
  • Education Differences
  1. African American children didn't get the same education as whites (segregated schools).
  2. African Americans had to attend poor-quality schools. They had fewer books, deteriorated buildings, and less well paid teachers.

  • Political reasons
  1. Started this march to urge Congress to pass civil rights bill President John F. Kennedy proposed
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Information about Protest

  • King protested using the “I Have a Dream” speech which is about justice and equality. This speech shed light on challenges African American's faced.
  • The protest was so big that television brought up conflicts for blacks.
  • Protest took place August 28, 1963
  • March on Washington occurred in Washington D.C

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More than 200,000 Americans say speeches, songs, and prayers.

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Effects of the Protest

  • It shed light on African American's issues. It helped people in many countries understand the conflicts they face
  • Created growing awareness of national and world events.
  • Television satellites brought up conflicts African Americans faced.
  • King’s words made a lasting impact
  • Increased support for civil rights movement
  • Helped sustain and strengthen work for people struggling for social justice.
  • These are the results because each person included in the march stood tall for their beliefs.
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How did Participants Demonstrate their Belief System through their Protests?

The peoples belief system was that both Black and White deserve freedom and equality. In order to achieve and demonstrate their idea, they spoke strongly through their words. We see that many participants spoke strongly in order to get what they wished to achieve. We clearly see that Martin Luther King Jr. followed this technique through his famous speech of "I have a Dream." We also see them demonstrate their belief system not only through words but through creativity. More than 200,000 American's had sang songs in order to get their word across. This helped as it helped everyone use a different side of their brain to understand the difficult concept African American's faced. Creativity is also shows as the march is plastered all over T.V which is a main source of creativity and communication

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