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Mrs. Gloria was selling phones and one day a thief appeared and he robbed a lot of phones. Mrs. Gloria’s husband got the thief and he took him to court as the PLAINTIFF, they had debate with the DEFENDANT and he asked why the husband was making a big deal out of everything when they could just talk it out, and he shouldn’t had COMPLAINED and he SUMMONED his lawyers so they can solve the case so he can be free again. But in that moment Mrs. Gloria’s lawyers had a PLEADING with the defendants lawyers. The judge said that the case would continue the other week, so they can get back to the PRETRIAL CONFERENCE so the could find a MEDIATION between the lawyers, so they could rest the case, and make an ARBITRATION that way they can make a conclusion of the case. But before terminating the case, the judge asks Mrs. Gloria for PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE so the TRIAL would be more clear, and so the judge can give the VEREDICT of the case, so it can APPEAL and finish. At the ending of the week the judge said that the thief was guilty because he did rob those phones Mrs. Gloria accused him of.


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