Respiratory System


Structures Of The Respiratory System

  • Nose
  • Sinuses - Warm and moisten air
  • Pharynx - common passageway for air and food
  • Epiglottis - Flap of cartilage allows air to pass through and closes during swallowing
  • Larynx - Voice box
  • Trachea - Windpipe

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Importance Of The Respiratory System As It Relates To Immunity

  • Respiratory System ( lungs ) has parts of the immune system in it.
  • It Is called balt- bronchial associated with lymphoid tissue.
  • Also cells in the lining of the lung that samples the air for virus , bacteria , etc.
  • These cells communicate with the immune system to eventually make antibodies that can then move or cause to move continuously or freely through a closed system or area .
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How Do You Relate The Bodies Use Of Nutrients To The Respiratory System

  • Vitamin D - prevents respiratory disease in newborns
  • Vitamin E - prevents common colds
  • Fol ate - prevents respiratory infections .
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