Dr.Elmer Huerta

By: Juliesa Hernandez, Muneeba Arshad

Background Information

Elmer Huerta was born on June 12,1952. He was born in Peru in the Caraz district.Yet he doesn't really care for culture he believes that we are all equal as one. Basically he really isn't culturally active. He was famous because of his many contributions to the society. He graduated as a surgeon at the University of San Marcos. Elmer specializes at The national Institute of Neoplastic Disease. He is the president of the American Cancer Society. Also he has a master in public health and prevention of cancer.
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Early life

Dr. Elmer didn't always wanted to specialize in cancer prevention. He originally wanted to specialize chemotherapy. Soon he realized there isn't a high rate of saving people the cancer already developed to far to save the patient. He also realized that many people knew a lot about media such as things going on in society but not enough about their health. He thought why not reach out to people about there health and ways to prevent cancer through the media. He had made a great impact on many people, so he quit his job of being a oncologist and worked in the prevention and public health field.
Dr Elmer Huerta of the Washington Cancer Institute

Contribution to Society

He contributed in such ways as helping millions prevent cancer. By telling the ways to help take of our self so we have less chance of getting cancer. Also by using the media to reach out to us about our health and ways we can improve our health.


Dr.elemer huerta was a good guy he said he belives that everyone is equal and is one he helps everyone who has cancer. He graduated as a surgen at university san marcos. he is the president of the cancer society. He relly wanted to do chemotheropy he made a big impact on people. He contributed in many millons of people also, the media tells us about how to improve our health.