Transitioning to North

By: Zack Hagerud


This is one of the most enjoyable class you will have in 6th grade. You will play games on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday you have to run which is not terrible. Think of P.E as recess just like in elementary school.


Believe it or not homework is not that hard next year unless you procrastinate. Homework will take a little bit of time in 6th grade. Normally it will take you 5 minutes to an hour, but it depends on how you work. If you work hard and focus, you can have little to no homework. If you do what I did and wait, you won't finish in time. You will probably fail a class.

Concession Stand at Lunch

There is not a concession stand, but there are three lines of food that you can pick from. Some of the foods are pizza, hamburger, salads and there are even more. Your food lines are chosen for you and have the same food in elementary. This way you can get your food before lunch is over since you have 30 minutes to eat and there are so many kids.


Surprisingly, there will be no lockers next year. Most kids just bring their backpacks to class. If you don't want to bring it to class, there are cubbies on the side of the walls. Also there is furniture outside just to work.


This is huge. First, don't be a liar that will try to cover up a lie with more lies. Be a good person socially and academically, too. Work hard so you have a teacher that likes you the whole year. Work hard in P.E too, because the coaches you have for P.E are the coaches for sports. So if you get on the bad side of them, you are going to hate P.E and school sports.