Sabin Salutations


This Week...

• The students completed an expository writing prompt on Rosa Parks. We read an article about Rosa parks, the kids filled in a hamburger, and then finished their final copies.

• During reading, we learned about context clues. We also learned about summarizing.

On Friday, they will take a break from reading our book and focus in on braille. The kids will read two articles and then get to experience braille. Each child will create their name in braille using glue dots.

• Each math group is focusing in on counting change. At home please continue to review the coin names and use coins to count.

• Our bridge activity is complete! All of the bridges passed their weight test and harsh weather test! The kids learned that the waterproof materials played an important role in the process.

• We read a book about George Washington.

• Diya's mom was our Mystery Reader. The kids loved hearing a few chapters of the book she brought.

Next Week...

• We will be going to the book fair on Monday.

• We will review context clues.

• During science, the kids will learn about properties and materials.

• We will begin our next writing piece on Abe Lincoln. To begin, the kids will listen to a book. During this time, they will take notes about important facts. Next, they will use the computers to research Abe Lincoln.

• We will continue to practice summarizing a text.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

At Home...

• Review money concepts at home.

• Please make sure you are reviewing your child's behavior rubric each night. It would also be helpful to flip over their rubric to see their bubble sheet.

• February reading logs are due next Tuesday.

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