By: Zachery Cottle

Is uranium renewable?

Uranium is a nonrenewable resource. It has to be mined by: Open-pit mining is stripping away the topsoil and rock that lie above the uranium ore. Or by Underground mining is extracting rock through a opening the side of a hill or mountain.

Where is uranium found?

Earth’s supply of Uranium is at 30 times that of Silver. This is because Uranium can be found in topsoil anywhere on the planet as well as in the mantle. Scientist even theorize that the natural decay of Uranium and other radioactive elements is what heats the Earth’s core and mantle causing convection currents in the magma and creating plate tectonics.

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How does uranium produce energy?

Neutrons are "shot" at the uranium, forcing the uranium atoms to split into smaller atoms and release more neutrons causing a chain reaction. This creates A LOT of heat which is used to turn water into steam and the steam spins a turbine which produces electricity.

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URANIUM - Origins / Fission / Reactors

What country uses the most uranium

The U.S uses the most uranium for nuclear energy. Like the presenter said, 1 chunk of uranium can power wilmington for an entire day. The US military uses the most. Uranium is used with shielding tanks, placed in bullets, and in nuclear bombs.

What is uranium used for, other than energy?

It is also used to make yellow and greenish colours in plates and glass things. It does create a radiation level. It may be small but it is still radiated.

How much is uranium?

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