Getting Ready for Online Testing

Technology Style Part 2

Part 2

In this flyer we will look at some other technology skills that students will need.

Technology Vocabulary and Skills

Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menus

Use these words and ask students find different tools in Microsoft Word. Any tool with the upside down arrow will give choices.

Changing font colors, size of font, line spacing--all have drop down menus.

Here is Choose From a List Game from PARCC Technology Readiness.

Scroll Bars

Scroll bars will appear on Pages and Passages within the online tests. Point out to students that there may be multiple scroll bars.

Check out Mouse Program to help students with scrolling!

Word Count

Have students pay attention to how many words they are typing in a word document. There will be limits! Give the limits on assingments and/or assessments. Word Count appears in the lower right hand corner of a word document.

Difference between word count and character count (each individual number, letter, symbol, punctuation and space is a character. Some writings may require a character count--at this point I am not sure that testing is asking for this--but social media does!

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Tabs--there are many ways for using and practicing with Tabs. There will be tabs in their online testing--we want students to be able to toggle between tabs.

  • Tell them to OPEN a New Tab in their Internet Browser.
  • When using Microsoft Word--have students use the Page Layout Tab to make margins narrower or change the orientation.
  • When using our Destiny Catalog go to the One Search Tab to find databases.

Cut, Copy and Paste

There are multiple ways for them to do this--give them a couple different ways in case one is blocked or doesn't work in testing.

  • Right Click to get commands of Cut, Copy, Paste
  • On Word toolbar have them Cut (scissors) Copy (two word pages) and Paste (the clipboard with a word page)
  • Use the Contol Button! Ctl C to Copy. Ctl V to Paste.

Drag and Drop

When using the pointer tool (cursor) they will be able to move items on the screen. They may be required to move things into a box or category. Students might have to remove an item from a list or box in order to put another one in or it might only except a certain number of answers.

Hint: In a word document have students add a picture. Have them double click the picture--the Picture Format Tab will open. Have them click on TEXT WRAP and choose to put picture in front of or in back of text--this will NOW allow the student to move the picture wherever they want to on the word document!! They can DRAG and DROP it wherever they want!

Students also might be asked to add/remove points on a grid OR drag the points on grid etc.

Here are some Drag and Drop Games from PARCC Technology Readiness.

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Video Vocabulary Words

Students may be asked to view a video. Review these possible terms:

  • Play/Pause Button
  • Audio Contol--increase or decrease volume
  • Time Features--elapsed and remaining
  • Drag and Drop on Video Time Line--to fast forward or rewind

See picture below for possible features the video clip may have on it.

An Excellent place to get top quality videos for students to practice on: Discovery Education Streaming --which is accessible in Destiny Catalog--no password required.

Suggestions: Give them practice--embed videos in Blackboard to watch and answer questions on. Research in 6th Grade now has a requirement to use videos as a resource.

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Assistive Technology

Looking for Assistive Technology Tips? Hamilton County ESC has a great tip sheet--click here to access.
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Flyer created by:

Karen Reiber

Media/Technology Specialist

Pictures from PARCC Website: They have a great tutorial on navigating technology with PARCC testing.