Bill of Rights

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Bill of rights

The First ten amendments of the constitution.

Bill 1: Religion

You could be in any religion you want to be in. They can't stop you from picking a religion.
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Bill 2: You can have your own gun/ be a solider

To the country, citizen could help be soldiers. They could protect themselves with guns and the government can't stop them for buying guns.
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Bill 3: Soliders can't live in your homes

No soldiers could live in home without they letting you stay.
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Bill 4: Search Warrant

Police can't come in your home and search through your stuff and taking it. They must have a search warrant.
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Bill 5: Grande Jury

A Grande jury has to decide if there is enough evidences to change you. You could only be charged once.

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Bill 6: Trail

You have to be a trail if you are charge for a crime. You can't wait in jail for years. You have to have a trail as soon as possible.

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Bill 7: How to settle a jury?

You can have a jury settle civil cases. You musty have lots and lots of money to do this. You can't go to another court and bring it up again.
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Bill 8: Government can't do anything to you

The government can't punish you in a cruel ways or unseal ways.
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Bill 9: Government can't take away any rights

The government cant take away any rights from people. Even if they brought it up or not in court.
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BIll 10: State can't do anything to you

As long as it say anywhere that the states can't do something to you.

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Court Case: Bliss vs Common wealth Amendment: 2nd

Summary: The Care, Bliss vs. Common wealth, was the first major court ruling over the right to keep and bear arms from personal use.

Court Case: Arizona vs Evans Amendment: 4th

Summary: Court decided to extend the good faith rules in the case and allowed the evidence.

Court Case: Francis vs Resweber Amendment: 8th

Summary: Two case in particular were perhaps most influential in shaping the use of the death penalty in contemporary African society.