Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By:Mason Smith

The Columbain Exchange

the columbian exchange is, it began in 1492 with columbus and its an exchange between north America and south America and they fought and this is when it began too.1492.Also its like plants food and animals and shelter and all that.
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vote for the Columbain Exchange

You need to vote for the columbain Exchange because it saved alot of peoples lives and i think that is hard to beat something that they did to save all those people and have them be healthy and they did to much but it was worth it so vote for it.
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Why wouldn't you vote for the Columbain Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you should vote for it because if you don't i'll tell the Columbain Exchange and they'll be pretty upset and you should because they helped them way to much but saved them alot of times. SO VOTE FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!