The Revenge of the Pigs

There once lived three little wolves who were very wealthy. They lived in a beach mansion in Florida. They were happy and could get what ever they wanted. It was Christmas Eve and the wolves were so excited to get there presents, but the pigs would not let that happen. Especially when the wolves dad blew down all of there houses. So that night the pigs went to get their revenge. The went to the wolves house and stole all of there presents and all of there money. The pigs laughed, "muwahahahahaha". When the wolves woke up and saw that they did not get any gifts, they were sobbing and crying. Then the pig went over to the wolves house and apologized for stealing all of there gifts. The pig said, "I'm sorry for stealing all of your things. I did this because I was mad that your dad blew down all of our houses,". The wolves said they were sorry for blowing down the pigs houses. Then they agreed to be friends and lived happily ever after.
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