Erin's Lucky Charms Newsletter

February Recognition

Best Month Yet!

We are doing a fantastic job!! Team sales for February were $30,498.69!! We also hit 50 designers on our team in February!!

Welcome to all of the new designers in February!

Andrea Nicklawsky- Patti

Ashley Knudsen- Janelle

Candi Christman- Nachelle

Carrie Woodworth- Janelle

ChloeyBecky Lent- Lindsay
Christy Sykes- Nachelle

Jessica McGillan- Shayna
Julie Thompson- Janelle

Katina Arellano- Erin

Kelly Kille- Janelle

Kelly Schwab- Danielle

Kris Horan- Christina

Leslie Lawhorne- Julie

Meghan Andryski- Jessica

Steph Peterson- Erin

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We had a lot of promotions in Feb. Make sure you are letting everyone know about this great opportunity. There is no better time to have someone join you- even if you are new you can learn together with the help of your mentor.

Leading Designer:

  • Christina F.
  • Danielle B.
  • Christine S.
  • Shayna A.
  • Patti F.

Team Leader:

  • Lindsay C.

Senior Team Leader:

  • Nachelle G.

Top Personal Volume for Feb.

These ladies are working their business!

1. Trudy H. $3593.80
2. Tracy H. $2714.16
3. Danielle B. $2548.68
4. Lisa A. $2329.91
5. April D. $2299.31

Will you be on this list in March?

Team Training Corner

Launch Party 101

I know a lot of you are still new and some of you are seasoned but have new team members to help out with this or will in the future. Your launch party is very important in your success with Origami Owl. I know it can be easy to think that you aren't ready in one way or another- either you don't think you have enough product or you think you are missing something to make your table perfect or you just don't feel like you are personally ready. You need to put all of that behind you and know that your launch party will be for your friends and family and they aren't there to judge you or your table or the amount of inventory you have. They are there to be excited for you and your new adventure and to check out this amazing product line. As long as you have enthusiasm for the product you will be great! It will all be perfect. My challenge to you is this- if you haven't yet had a launch party I want you to schedule one in March. This will help you book parties for later in March or April and get you the start you need. When you get it scheduled please let me know then I will also check with you after to see how it went. Everyone who completes this challenge in March will be entered to win a small prize from me. :) Now who is ready to Launch their business in March?