Digital over Traditional Media.

By David Shields

Digital publishing against traditional publishing

Traditional printing methods like paper copies give you the ability to know that the information wasn't fake or forged. However things become increasingly easier online. Traditional printing methods you have a deadline to get all the information you need and then once they are printed for that day, if any other news pops up, you can only notify the public next day because it costs too much to create 3-4 different sets of papers where you only change a couple of things. Compared to digital however you can update whenever you want, because your not updating so many things if you need to change something or add a story, you can just update it, it takes one person to make the post and to view the new post all you have to do, is refresh the page.

Photocopying is a great way of getting things mass produced and give to the public. However it just cant compare to the online system, not only is it easier to update online it is more interactive. Although you can get numbers and E-mails on newspapers to connect you to the person, online you can click links to take you to the official page where they got the information from, the site can upload videos too so you can see what actually happened or what is happening using live feeds, putting you straight into what is happening. Online their is just so many ways to interact with people, stories, articles and everything else that is going on with the paper, which normal printing methods like photocopying just can't beat.

Digital and Traditional publishing in advertisment

Advertisement has become a big part of the internet now and it makes things easier to find and reach people, Adverts being on the side of the screen as you scroll down just subconsciously taking in the bit of advertisement, or pop-ups, they require you to look at the because they usually pop-up on a different browser, forcing you to look at the product. Although traditional methods like shouting to people and asking them to take a look, means people have obviously heard about your advertisement and billboards also a good way of making people subconsciously take in information, it just isn't as accessible as advertisement on the internet.

Advertisement on the internet also has it's extra perks, on the internet it is easier to not only be seen but also easier to set up an advertisement, you can just E-mail the site once you have made the advertisement and send it to them and they will usually do the rest, as well as it is much more easier to connect over the internet because it is very fast, meaning it is a much quicker and cleaner process to do it over the internet and instead of paying the builders and the building for having your advertisement up there, all you have to do is pay the website your advertising on. Also there is a link which is activated when you click the advertisement, posting you or the potential customer to the website.

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E-books to Traditional publishing

Traditional publishing of books is very rewarding, you feel like you have done something fabulous, and you really cant beat a hard cover book. You will gain more recognition, however it is quite costly. although the cover looks great and you can say "oh yeah I made that book" it costs a lot and if you don't get a lot of money it can be really strenuous and stressful, making that book useless, and it can change your thought and make you think it is now more of a burden then a success story.

Whereas with E-books, you can put your book online for virtually no money at all, it may cost some money to buy the publishing software and advertising your book on different websites could cost a small amount, however you don't have to print the book and make hard copies (laminated) and if you want you can post it without doing any art on the front cover meaning you keep even more money. Even though this saves you a lot of money it isn't the only perk. Being accessible online means your book has more platforms to be available on, it can gain fame much quicker. Making it more rewarding because you can do what you might love with barely any hassle.