Yertle The Turtle

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Yertle aka Castro

Yertle the Turtle was a governing turtle that looked over a pond. One day he was struck with the idea that if he could see the surrounding landscape he could have have control over it. The other turtles complained but Yertle would not listen or comprehend their plea. In the end the power got to him and he fell from his throne. A similar story is the case of Fidel Castro. Coincidence? I think not.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro attempted to bomb nations and then conquer them. Fidel Castro had everything under his rule such as the media, the economy, and he limited the amount of land someone could own. Fidel Castro dominated every one and didn't care about what they thought. Castro would jail people that dared rise against him. Yertle and Fidel were both very competitive. Yertle wanted to be higher than the moon while Castro wanted more power than other countries' leaders. In a way they both wanted what was best for the country even if it was not fair.

Yertle The Turtle By Dr.Seuss