By Ethan Suman, Mathew James, and Dalton Tervin

Who is snowball?

    Snowball is a pig who challenges Napoleon for the control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion against Mr. Jones. In the story Snowball is young, intelligent, passionate, and wants life to better for all animals unlike Napoleon who are is a dictator who craves power. He later exiled, and killed, his Napoleon was responsible for his death.

Connection to revolution

This story is just more than animals on a farm, this Novel represents something bigger, the Russian Revolution. The story is an allegory, and every animal represents something, or somebody. This is important to know because the story would be hard to understand, and confusing to it's readers. Knowing the connection makes the story easy to understand, and it opens your eyes so you realize it is not a "fairy tail" about random talking animals that kill, drink, and trade.