East Side Library

Mid-Year Report (12/2015)


13,604 library books have been circulated since the beginning of school. (An 11% increase from last year.)

Of the 13,597 books circulated, 8,406 books were fiction and 5,198 were nonfiction with the 700s (Arts & Recreation) circulating the most.

An average of six classes visit the library daily for library and technology lessons.


Students participated in Library Makerspaces at East Side Elementary. Makerspaces are a place where students can collaborate with others, create, invent, and have hands on learning. According to the American Association of School Librarians, students should have the opportunity to collaborate with others to deepen understanding as well as exchange ideas, solve problems, and make decisions. When students participate in makerspaces, they are learning and applying 21st century skills.

What We Are Learning

This school year we have engaged in lessons on genres, digital stories, story elements including character traits, participated in reader's theater, and learned more about using technology to increase learning. Older students engaged in several research lessons including inquiry based research where we used the TexQuest Databases. These students also learned more about navigating the web while looking for key elements of a reliable website. These elements included copyright date, owner, and design of each site.

Goals 2015-2016

These goals are for the entire school year and will continue to be implemented in the second semester:

* Encourage students to read different genres.

* Foster, facilitate, and support student learning to encourage life-long learning.

* Continue to implement Web 2.0 technologies into library lessons.

* Integrate technology in makerspaces.

* Encourage activities that promote a love of reading.

All photos copyright 2015 Charlotte Odom. Report compiled for East Side Library Mid-year Report by Charlotte Odom, Librarian.