Blaze Bulletin

Edition 16 - Week of December 15th

Collegiate Academy update...

We met with MTSU Wednesday and Dr. McPhee voiced great excitement about this academy and stated that he wanted MTSU to be an active partner. He said he could marshal resources for a model partnership-he feels we will be a national model for this program. We are pleased to be working on the following as parts of the partnership:

Dual enrollment on BHS campus with use of MTSU faculty

Dual admission possibility

Consideration of co-teaching with MTSU faculty and BHS faculty

Consideration of academy completers getting sophomore status at MTSU upon graduation

Option for Honors Dual Enrollment - first time this has been offered to high schools

Lab use (science, physics, STEM, broadcasting, etc.)

Inclusion of academy students in Study Abroad program

Inclusion of academy students in Experiential Learning Program (cited for excellence in their latest accreditation report)

Summer reading program with convocation with author

Special Collegiate access - with IDs - to MTSU facilities (ballgames, gym, library, etc.)

Hosting academy events (like senior project presentations, etc.)

Life experiences - working camps like STEM camp, Forensics camp, etc.

Mentors willing to do seminars and/or workshops, develop research opportunities, etc.


Leisa Justus

Principal Blackman High School


School Calendar in iNow

Did you know that our school calendar is now available in iNow? Log in. Look under the "Home" section. Click on "School Events."

Shout out....

Monday Night we had our Collegiate Academy Kick-off Informational Meeting held in our auditorium which was a huge success with over 375 in attendance. We would like to thank all of those who made this night such a wonderful event, it truly was a team effort. Shout out to our English teachers for passing out information, Wilson, Baumann, and Jones for recruitment, Pedigo for the Collegiate video, Howard for setting up the stage, Febles for working with us on call back night, McCreery for coming up and making sure everything was set up correctly after being at inservice all day, Smith for the use of the BLAZE letters, counselors and admin for their hard work and support, Comer for the printing of the Collegiate brochures, Baumann and Hardison for amazing speeches, Holly for not only being the media extradornaire but also cleaning up the bathroom, and Seadorf and Jenkins for the use of the podium and for helping clean up afterwards. What an AMAZING TEAM!

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2015 RCS Aspiring Administrator Academy

Just a reminder to certified employees who would like to submit an application for the RCS Aspiring Administrators' Academy (RSCAAA). The deadline to submit the completed application is December 30, 2014.

Please contact Paula Barnes with your questions.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

In January we will kick off our month long anti-bully campaign. Student posters will be displayed throughout the school reminding everyone how to prevent and stop bullying.

If you have a teacher's aide (not a drivers education aide) and they have not turned in their Anti-Bully poster, I need to see them right away.

Ken Reed

Supplement Your Stretched Budget

GetEdFunding is a free and fresh website sponsored by CDW•G to help educators and institutions find the funds they need in order to supplement their already stretched budgets. GetEdFunding hosts a collection of more than 3,400 (and growing) grants and other funding opportunities culled from federal, state, regional and community sources and available to public and private, preK–12 educators, schools and districts, higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations that work with them. GetEdFunding offers customized searches by six criteria, including 43 areas of focus, eight content areas and any of the 21st century themes and skills that support your curriculum. After registering on the site, you can save the grant opportunities of greatest interest and then return to them at any time. This rich resource of funding opportunities is expanded, updated and monitored daily.

Athletic Director

We are pleased to announce that Justin Entrekin will be a coach and Athletic Director here at Blackman High School. He will continue his duties as head baseball coach and will also assume AD duties.

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inow tips

How to Enter Your Midterm Exam Grades in iNow

How to Change a Quarterly Grade in iNow

Tech tips...

Student Access to WiFi

If you would like for your students to use their mobile devices for a learning activity in your class, you and they will be happy to know that the students who returned their computer forms now have access to school’s wifi. They should select RCS-Secure. Their username and password are the same thing as their computer username and password. A help desk will be set up during selected lunch periods in January for students who are having trouble connecting their devices.

iNow Tip for Honors, Advanced Honors, and AP Teachers

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to add the extra points in iNow. Here are the instructions. (Ms. Macknyk—The instructions are attached to the email)

Code a White House Christmas Tree

This year, the White House Christmas trees got a digital upgrade. Follow this short, easy tutorial that guides you through using code to light up a real Christmas tree on the White House lawn. It’s fun!

Celebrate My Drive $25,000 Award.....

12 Days 'til Christmas Break

Monday marks 12 days until Christmas Break (but who's counting, right?). So, in keeping with the season, we have a few things planned to brighten the mood.

*Music between classes 12/12 & 12/15

*Secret Santa Gift deliveries 12/18

Angel Tree

Each year, many young children and families will get much-needed help through the Angel Tree program. However, we often forget that many big kids do without at Christmas, too. So, each year the Student Council sponsors an Angel Tree drive for high-school age kids throughout Rutherford County.

If your 1st period would like to sponsor an angel, simply email Mr. Smith. He will send you a list of needs, sizes, etc. You and your 1st period will collect money and purchase the gifts on your own. Bring the gifts (wrapped or unwrapped) to school by the 1st day of exams (Monday, Dec. 15th). Student Council will pick those gifts up and get them to the appropriate families. Call or email Mr. Smith with any questions.

Exam Schedule

Dec. 15 7th exam – pep rally schedule

Dec. 16 1st & 2nd exam

Dec. 17 3rd & 4th exam

Dec. 18 5th & 6th exam

Upcoming dates.....

Block days on the following dates for writing assessment practice:

Nov. 19,20 9th grade

Dec. 3,4 10th grade

Jan. 14,15 11th grade

Big Orange fan Ken Reed with PAT SUMMITT at BHS tournament!!!!!

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