Overweight and Obesity

The condition of being fat or overweight

Body System That is Effected by This Condition

The Body system that is effected by over weight and obesity is mostly everywhere. Unnoticeable body systems are; the heart, muscular, joints, etc. The noticeable areas are; hips, thighs, neck, face, arms, stomach, breasts and gluteus maximus.
Childhood Obesity in America | This is Injustice

how the body system works when it is working normally and how this body system is affected by your chosen condition or disease process.

  • Muscular System- Slim people will run around and be healthy, obese people will sometimes be on a wheelchair because they don't have the strength to walk anymore.Circulatory System- If you are fit your heart should beat 40 beats in a minute, a normal persons heartbeat should have 60-100 beats in a minute, an obese person will have about 100Nervous System-You should have about 8-10 hours of sleep every night, an obese person will often feel very tired every day, as we know it we all have other things to do then sleeping, when the obese people are tired and they don’t get that sleep, it’s the same thing for them as sleeping 5 hours per night, they wake up… and their tired again.

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Treatments for Obesity

When you are obese and you want to lose weight fast or in a slow pace this is what you can do!. You can get surgery to remove all your fat and exercise, you can eat healthy and drink healthy, you can always go on a vacation with your family and enjoy life because we all know that when you are stressed you are more likely to eat a lot and gain weight.