TEXAS MEP Quarterly

Family Edition- May 2021

Welcome parents and families, to the Texas Migrant Education Program quarterly newsletter! This issue will highlight resources, events, and summer ideas.

If you missed the February newsletter, access the Texas MEP Quarterly Family Edition for February.

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Do you and your family plan on moving and leaving the district?

Ask your district's MEP staff for the following information.

1. Transfer packet

The MEP staff can provide you with a folder or envelope of confidential student information for your child. This will make it easier for the receiving school district to enroll and place your child in the appropriate education setting.

2. MEP staff contact information

The MEP staff can provide you with information on the MEP contact for the school district you are moving to. The contact information may include:

  • the name of the district,
  • phone number,
  • physical address, or
  • email address of a specific MEP staff member.
ID& R Hotline

This hotline supports Texas families moving within and outside of Texas.

Email: migrantfamily@escregionone.samanage.com

Phone: 1-888-984-6251

Questions? Contact your MEP staff

Summer Opportunities for Students

Contact your child's teacher or your MEP staff regarding any summer programs in the district your child may qualify to attend.
Visit the Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) portal and click on Parents to access free educational resources such as the ones listed below.

Scholarship Opportunities for Migratory Students

To learn more about different scholarship opportunities, please visit Scholarship Opportunities for Migratory Students.

Parent Resources for Early Childhood Education

Visit the Early Childhood Education Resources page to access information in English and Spanish.

Adult Education and Literacy Providers

Locate adult ESL classes offered in your area by clicking on the map.

Parents and Families of English Learners Event

Thursday, July 22nd, 5pm to Friday, July 23rd, 5pm

This is an online event.

Visit the Parents and Families page for more information on how to register for the event.

Save the Date! Association for Migrant Educators of Texas (AMET) Parent Strand

Wednesday, Nov. 17th, 5-7pm

This is an online event.

Statewide Parental Involvement Conference

Thursday, Dec. 9th, 8:30am-4pm

This is an online event.

Visit the Virtual Statewide Parental Involvement Conference page for more information.

Make a family cookbook of everyone's favorite meals.

Share stories of older relatives or living in different places.

Create an indoor scavenger hunt and have your child create their own.

Take Some Time for You

It is important to take time for yourself to stay healthy and ready to help your family. Go for walks with your family and talk about your day. Ask your child to describe what they are seeing on your journey. The walk will help you stay physically fit and the time spent with your family will help you feel more connected to them.

For information on how to engage your mind and body while spending time at home, access this article: 3 Ways Families can Promote Fun & Wellness at Home.

Family of five smiling and laughing outdoors