The Dangers of Plastic

Eco plastic and Plastic Harming Human Health

Problem with Plastic

Giant wave covered the beach, going back and forth. Now a problem has occurred, there's trash/litter on the beach. The waves have now pulled the trash out into the ocean, the currents push and pull all of the plastic until the trash ends up in the middle of the currents.

The ducks are attracted to colors and some plastic is colorful, so when they eat the plastic there bodies cannot get rid of it, so then they die of starvation. Other sea creatures such as fish, sharks...etc also get confused and eat plastic.

Plastic Polution

Plastic is harmful to human health, because the toxic chemical released when manufacturing is in progress is another source of the negative environment impact on human health. When plastic is burned it is very dangerous because it lets out toxic chemicals in the air.
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We can stop the usage of plastic by: using cloth shopping bags, getting a reusable canteen, you can also think of new ways to use old material, it stead of disposing it. If you see litter on the beach then pick it up and recycle it. So reuse, reduce and recycle.