Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Marietta Foley


On the continent of North America.

In the country of the UK.

The latitude and the longitude is 32.3078 N, 64.7505 W.

Active Coast

This place is an active coast because the tectonic activity is; trailing on the edge of the plate.


Created by geologic and volcanic forces, and it is a primary coast.

Type of Beach

It has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence, and its an submergent coast.

The sand on this beach

The rocky pink sand, coral shells, big rocky boarder that boarders on the shore and in the water. Also the pink sandy beach forms a shape of a horseshoe.

Famous Beach

Famous for pink sand beaches the loveliest seaside retreat in the world. Beach park features regular sightings of angel fish. Calm waters made manly of cliffs, the water is light turquoise and light pink.
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