Local Willemstad News

September 1942 By: Amanda M.

Blind Boy Survives on Island

Interview with Phillip Enright:

Local Willemstad News: "Phillip, when you were torpedoed, were you scared or excited?"

Phillip: "I think I was more scared because that's when my mother and I got separated."

LWN: "How old were you when you were torpedoed?"

Phillip: "I was 11, about to turn 12."

LWN: "Why were you on the boat during the war?"

Phillip: "My mother wanted to go back to Virginia, where it was 'safe', but I didn't want for my friend Henrik van Boven to think that we were scared."

LWN: "Why did you move to Curacao?"

Phillip: "My father's job was moved here, due to the oil refinery."

LWN: "Were you originally dark-skinned?"

Phillip: "I was exposed to the sun to much on the cay, so no, I am not originally dark-skinned."

LWN: "Were you the only one on the cay, except for your cat?"

Phillip: "There was someone else named Timothy. He was black, and was strong. He taught me how to survive on the island, and he protected me from the thrashing wind and rain in a dangerous storm on the cay. But sadly, since he sheilded me from the storm's wrath, he passed away on the cay. I was beyond tears at that point."

LWN: "How was life like after Timothy died?"

Phillip: "It was awful. I thought that I wouldn't make it."

LWN: "Why did your mother want to go to Virginia in the middle of a war?"

Phillip: "Because she thought that it wasn't safe in Curacao. She was too scared to fly on an airplane, and didn't realize that it was more dangerous in the water than on Curacao."

LWN: "Were you glad that you were rescued?"

Phillip: "Yes, since the first fire wasn't as visable, I decided to put sea grape in the fire, since it had oil in the leaves. And it made the smoke darker, and more visable to see."

LWN: "Do you think you're a changed person?"

Phillip: "I think that I am, because I used to think that Timothy and I were very different and had no things alike, but then I slowly began to realize that we didn't have that many differences. I would like to say that even if you have a different skin color, it doesn't really mean that you're different in any way."

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy of Charlotte Amalie

Timothy was raised in Charlotte Amalie, in St. Thomas. He was an orphan who was raised by a lady named Hannah Gumbs. He grew up doing hard work, like working on ship decks. But once a year, he would go to the spiritual festivals and dance away the "bad spirits."

When Timothy was older, he still worked on the decks of ships. But in April of 1942, the ship he worked on was torpedoed. He managed to find a raft, pulled a boy onto the raft, and pulled a cat onboard too. He was stuck with an 11 year old boy and a cat, but kept to the bright side. The boy became blind, and Timothy was old, so it wasn't as good as it looked.

But the two finally drifted to a cay. Timothy taught the boy survival skills, and that the boy didn't need to use his eyes.

A storm punctured the tiny cay, leaving for Timothy to protect the boy with his own body. But as soon as the storm passed, Timothy passed away from the wrath of the storm, leaving the boy alone with a cat.

Timothy was a special man because of his qualities. Those qualities were patience, kindness, bright-spirited, and willingness to give up his life for another.

We hope Timothy is resting in peace.

National News: The War

On August 7, U.S. troops gained control of Japanese territory.

On August 8, the U.S. executes 6 out of 8 German spies found ashore in Long Island and Florida.

On August 25, the plane carrying the Duke of Kent (the brother of King George the 6th) crashes in Scotland, going from Britian to Iceland. He's the first member of the modern Royal Family to die on active duty.

On August 26, about 500,000 Nazi and Romanian soldiers attack the Red Army.

On August 28, the first of thousands of ballon bombs that were made from the Japanese, were dropped on an Oregon forest.

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