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Getting on a basketball team


Practice, practice, practice! One way that I can get better at basketball, is to go to the gym a few times a week do some drills and work on your ball handles. Also, run everyday to be in good shape! Playing with people who are better than me will make me better. Also in a game, do not get easily discouraged. I can always make up for a disappointing game the next time.

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Be sure to practice shooting everywhere on the court meaning my close range, mid range and 3 point range (within reason). Work on developing a nice, clean shot. Also practice shooting as if someone were guarding me.

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Definitely do not forget to stretch! This is one of the key elements in preventing injury, but stretch after i warm up.

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Play as hard as I can in every game. If I don't, chances are that I will not get any better.
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Play someone that is better than me, any chance you get. This will only help me get better.
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Run some dribbling drills at home and you can try to dribble in the gravel to strengthen your handling so it will be easier to dribble better and faster.

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Do not forget about physical strength. It is very necessary to build muscles, so I can enhance my field goal ability and stamina.
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Try to make every team I go out for. This is the step that will really make me better.