Heather's Home Life

Issue 3 | May 2019

Better Together

Ramona has wrapped her first musical theater experience, Annie, after months of rehearsals. We are so proud!

I volunteered backstage during the show's first performance in front of an audience (lights, sound & all!). I had to keep dozens of excited elementary-aged children quiet and focused as they did quick-changes and helped move props. It was bonkers!

Right before she was set to take the stage, Ramona freaked out - tears and all. I watched in amazement as her peers - other 1st graders - sprang into action to empathize with her fears, remind her of what's true ("We're all doing this for the first time! We'll be out there with you!"), and get her back on track. She hit that stage with her friends and had a blast.

Watching this unfold reminded me that scary things are always better when they're tackled with others, because life is better together.

Meet Sarah, Mortgage Consultant

Sarah Kennard and I have worked as a team to help multiple folks find their way home. I appreciate working with a lender who gets that a career in Real Estate is first & foremost about taking care of people - that buying a home requires A+ effort from all parties. She's got an average closing time of 21 days, and prides herself on quick response times (including weekends/nights/holidays...I can attest!), and is always learning so she can pass what she knows on to her clients.

If you've been thinking that you're ready to start house hunting with me and you don't know what the first step is - let me tell you: it's to get in touch with Sarah so she can get you that all-important pre-approval letter!


Welcome Home!

This month I am overjoyed to welcome another client home! Sheng is a pharmacist at UC Davis Children's Hospital AND a super nice guy! He's an East Coast native, so I've been especially proud to help him establish roots in my beloved Sacramento, and think our community is all-the-kinder because he's living and working here. Please consider Sheng's review of our time working together during this property hunt & purchase, and let me just say: THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME HELP YOU, SHENG!

"I had the privilege of working with Heather to purchase my first home in Sacramento. She patiently explained each step of the home buying process and ultimately helped me find the perfect home. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and timeliness throughout our interactions. Her extensive knowledge of various neighborhoods within the greater Sacramento area helped me to identify and negotiate a great home at an amazing price. She is extremely professional, honest, and friendly. I look forward to working with her again in future real estate ventures!"

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When I'm Not Working

Put Me on Your Team!

Like performing in a musical when you're 6 years old, buying or selling a home can be scary. As a Realtor, I help you identify & understand the many evolving elements of a real estate transaction from start to finish, and will always be a listening ear to empathize with your concerns, answer your questions, and remind you of what is true. Can't wait to hear from you!