11 December - End of Christmas Term

11 January - Start of Easter Term

G2/3 Sports Day will now be on Wednesday March 9th 2016.


This week the children focused on creating their group Rube Goldberg machines. Time was given to plan eight steps that the machine had to go through for a simple task to be performed. The children had to identify the forces we have been learning about over the past few weeks. A materials list was also created with the children working out amongst themselves who was going to bring in which resources for their machine.

Clips of Rube Goldberg machines created by children were shown to inspire the groups.

Tom Harvey from the High School kindly gave up his afternoon to talk to the whole of Grade Three about his own Rube Goldberg creation. Not only did Tom inspire the children with demonstrations of his amazing creations, he also gave the children lots of ideas and tips to use in their own designs. Tom has also set Grade Three a challenge in that he will judge which group has the best component in their Rube Goldberg machine. He will then incorporate that winning idea into the competition piece which will be entered into the High School World Championships next year.

With the materials brought in from home, the children worked in their groups to create their Rube Goldberg machines. This hands on activity activated a lot of creative thinking and trial by error experiences before successes were achieved. Next week we are going to be attempting a whole class Rube Goldberg machine.

May The Force Be With You.


This week, the children took the writing concepts that we have been focused on over the past few weeks and began to write their own stories about finding 'a lost thing'. Character traits, descriptions of settings, and story themes were revisited through discussions before the children began planning and composing their own imaginative stories.

With their writing, the children have been encouraged to look for ideas in real life, or even based on other stories they have read. The children are realizing that stories need a particular problem, like how in Shaun Tan's book 'The Lost Thing' , a boy felt the need to find a misplaced character a home. The children are also understanding how different varieties of conflict between characters can make for interesting reading. Having obstacles or problems for their characters often lead to exciting stories.

The children have worked hard on their writing skills this term and we are looking forward to reading even more creative stories from them in the terms coming up.


The children's division skills are now being expanded during our Mathematics lessons.

The following online games are a fun way for the children to practise their division skills.

Next week we will provide some fun mathematics related card and dice games that can be played over the Christmas Holiday.



Photograph or video (on thumb drive) of a homemade Rube Goldberg machine due Wednesday 09 December 2015.

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YOUR GRADE THREE TEAM (Just like the mighty All Blacks, a winning team).