My learning style and preference

By: Mollie Zehmer

Tactile Learner

Tactile learners learn by touching and doing. They remember things through physical movement. As many people have heard, tactile learners are "hands on" learners and learn better when physical activity is involved. You need frequent breaks and may have a difficult time sitting still. They tend to be well coordinated and have good athletic ability.


Sports and Recreation


Physical Therapists


I have always thought that it would fun and cool to be a surgeon. I love sports and I think that job would be great for me. I mainly want to be a kamp (yes with a k) director. That has to do with a lot of sports.


People with interpersonal intelligence have the abilities to organize large groups of people. They understand people around them and manage their relationships well. They use empathy to help others. They can influence and inspire people toward certain goals.



Communications Manager


Religious Leader


Trainer Facilitator

Travel Counselor

All of these jobs relate to being in charge and being a leader. I want to be a kamp (yes with a k) director. That job has a lot of leadership and responsibility tied to it just like all of those other career choices.