Environmental Study Project

Meghan Zengotita


The yearly average tempature is 72 in Orlando.Fl.

Natural Disaters

It was hurricane Sandy, another major disater that happened was the Joblin tornado in 2011, and the other natural disaster that happened was Hurricane Ivan in the year 2004.



Casey anthony know as a suspect, a criminal. Another resident in florida is Glenda Hood which is the Former mayor. And onther very Profesional resident is known as Tiger woods he is a profesional golf player.


One is a Black tailed jack Rabbit also known as the Americn dessert hare. Another wild animal is a red dear which is one of the largest deer species. And last but not least the Best known animal is the Florida Panther of cource. Very wild!


With some of the world’s most creative theme park settings, it’s no surprise Orlando has a vibrant local arts scene. From the best of independent film at the Florida Film Festival to fine arts museums, cultural options in Orlando offer a mix of traditional and modern entertainment for visitors.

Overall Reflection

My overall reflection in this project is that there is many interesting things in orlando that has been done and that are being done and that there is beautiful nature around us and the most mysteriously beauty in the animals in orlando.