Come To Georgia

Made by : Emily Williams

Hellooo Overr Theree !!!!!!

OK, England. Do we have a place for you! This place is great it might take some getting use to but its a great place for everyone! Their are three old governors ( you'll learn about them later ) and some great crops and really no reason not to COME HERE!

You Should Come To Georgia Because.............

Georgia Has ..........

So you should come to this ''New Land'' to get everything it has to offer.''What does it have to offer?'' , you may say. Well it has some pretty nice crops you would like. The crops are tobacco and rice. There are plenty of schools along with a well armed surrounding so you do NOT have to worry about a war starting.

Georgia Also Has.........

We have a Self-government created by the ''great'' John Reynolds. We also have a court system and you men out there you get to own the land. That guy John Reynolds has two other guys that came after him and did most of what I just said. These are them three Great people that help this place be what it is today. Georgia!

These Are The Only 3 Governors Of Georgia