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Week 2 Newsletter

Our Community Day

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I got the priviledge to tutor our 4/5 year old boys and they were such a joy to work with.

Since Liliane was unavailable yesterday, she will get a 2-week report from families about their map counts next week.

Just a reminder that your child's digital First Day of CC Pictures are uploaded in the Photos section on BigTent, available to download for print or media. Thanks Liesl!

Our parent Lunch & Learn Curriculum Fair is next week. If you have a formal curriculum you use for any subject please bring it in for display. The idea is to allow other parents to browse and look at multiple curriculums to see if one might work well for their family and get some great ideas. There will be tables set up in the morning in the Science Lab for us to display the curriculum. There will also be a page you can use to summarize pros/cons of your curriculum that you have noticed. During the lunch and recess hour Susie Otieno and I will be available to watch your children so you can take some time to enjoy the curriculum fair or a cup of coffee. We plan to eat outside in the front of the church on the steps and tables on the other side of the building. This will give easier access to the fair for parents, keep children away from the road rocks and bees, and keep them occupied with the playground below. We ask that you first make sure all your littles have their lunches ready before enjoying your Lunch & Learn.

Week 1 Lesson Plans

This is a general list of resources that your tutors used this week to introduce the Memory Work. These resources are available to all parents through CC CD's or App and CC Connected (C3) if subscribed.

History: CC Song

Timeline: CC Song & ASL Hand motions by C3 f1moderator

Geography: CC Maps in Foundation Guide & C3 European Waters Song by Bicknese

Math: CC Songs using Jingle Bells and This Old Man

English: C3 Pronoun Song by marykbry

Latin: CC Song using Frere Jacques tune

Science: C3 Consumers Song by deanne_615


Scripture: Ephesians 6:1-24 Song by Ross King on Itunes

As mentioned I will compile all the songs we plan to use for the quarter and put the list in the Files section of BigTent this week. I hope that will help for those that need to plan ahead.

Week 2 Book & Video Correlations

Here are some resources to supplement this week's memory work. These are great if your student wants to learn more and or needs to do some reading.


  1. Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework p. 73
  2. Usborne History Encyclopedia p. 215-245 (lots of overlap first 5 weeks)
  3. Usborne Look Inside a Castle book
  4. Story of the World Vol.2 Chap 4, 15, 16 (p.38-40, 129-151)
  5. Mystery of History Volume 2 L55
  6. Youtube: The Epic Adventure William the Conqueror
  7. Youtube: A Young Person's Guide to the Battle of Hastings


  1. Youtube: Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore
  2. Netflix or Amazon Prime: Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Season 1 Episode 3
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework p.36
  4. Usborne World of Animals book
  5. Usborne Science Encyclopedia p.312-313
Weekly Connection

This button links to a Classical Conversations document with some fun facts, and a correlation between this week's work and the Essentials and Challenge Programs. Have a look ahead and see the Foundation we are building!

Map Challenge

As a community our goal is to trace 10,000 maps this year. Remember to encourage your children to trace maps. This can include tracing the weekly memory work features, tracing whole continents, tracing the world map, and even blobbing. Keep track of how many they do at home during the week so we can add it to our community count. Parents, your maps count too!

Our current number is: 31

We will get a 2 week report from families next week

Important Dates

September 21st: Community Day Week 3--Lunch & Learn Curriculum Fair

September 28th: Community Day Week 4--Crazy Hat Day

October 5th: Community Day Week 5--Pizza Day

Week 3 Presentations

Each week a family is selected to give a 5 minute presentation during the morning opening. It can be about anything they would like to share with the group about their lives, interests, history, hobbies, etc..

Family Presentation: Pierce Family

Each week the students will also give a 2-3 minute presentation to hone their public speaking skills. We provide suggestions for each week, but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Student Topic Suggestion: Bible Story/Scripture: Share your favorite Bible story or recite a Bible verse

Student Skill: Confidence: Trust and rely on God to help you share your message

Encouraging Video of the Week

Tour the New CC Connected!

Tip to Homeschooling Classically

The trick to a successful homeschool isn’t to frantically try to do everything. It’s to focus on what’s most important at each stage of development.

A younger child needs to play, memorize, and develop basic skills. A middle school kid needs to develop logic and critical thinking through studies and discussion, while a high school teen concentrates on learning to communicate clearly in the various subjects.

The secret to a simple classical homeschool is to stay focused. Concentrate on the fundamentals, memorization, and enjoying the elementary years. Teach your middle school kids critical thinking skills, and your high school teens to express themselves.

Staying true to the principles of modern classical education will give you an elegantly simple classical homeschool.

- Sara Dennis

Enjoy the Homeschooling Process!

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