Intro to Meditation

5 Weeks – Beginning January 16th

Open to ALL (no meditation experience necessary)

This class will provide the basic instructions for mindfulness meditation as taught by the Buddha 2500 years ago, but widely applicable to anyone interested in being more present for life, opening the heart, and cultivating greater peace and freedom amidst our chaotic and uncertain world. The class will cover topics such as "why meditate"; establishing a regular practice; working with desire, frustration, restlessness, sleepiness and doubt which can cloud attending clearly to the present; unraveling some of the ways we create suffering; and cultivating a kinder relationship with ourselves and our world. We will begin with 15 minute guided sittings and gradually build up to 35-40 minutes.

Intro to Meditation Series

Wednesday, Jan. 16th, 7pm

37 East Center Street

Moab, UT

Facility Fee for Session - $15, please pre-register (Sarah also graciously accepts donations for sharing the teachings & practice)