Junior Newsletter

June 2019

We hope that you can use your extra time over the summer to jump into your planning for life after high school. If you have any questions about the planning process, please stop by and see Ms. Scully by the end of the school year.

Have a great summer!

Four Year College Bound...

To Do List:

On May 23rd and 24th, students planning to apply to a four-year college attended the Summer Jump Start Workshop. As shared in the workshop, here are some to-dos for the end of the year and the summer.

Before the end of they year:

  • Finalize your teacher recommendation requests

(Ask teachers to write letters, give teachers the Teacher Recommendation Form)

  • Submit your brag sheet to Ms. Pietrzak or Ms. Scully

This Summer:

  • Continue to visit schools

  • Fill out the Common Application or other non-Common App applications

(You must wait until after August 1st for Common App)

  • Write college admissions essays (Some colleges have supplemental essays in addition to the general Common Application prompt)

  • Check college websites for the standardized testing requirements (SAT subject tests?)

  • Register for SAT or ACT (and/or Subject Tests)

  • Use Khan Academy to study for the SAT.
  • Check to see if there are unique application requirements for your major.

  • Create a google document to organize your school specific requirements (tests required, supplemental essays, recommendations needed, deadlines, financial aid application requirements.)

Responsibilities in the College Application Process:

Student responsibilities:

  1. Research colleges and their specific admissions requirements.

  2. Read the monthly newsletter to learn about important deadlines and scholarships.

  3. Communicate with teachers and Ms. Scully about your deadlines.

  4. Update Naviance with your deadlines, recommendations and application type.

  5. Submit applications, test scores (SAT/ACT) and financial aid forms on time.

  6. Let Ms. Scully know when you need help or have a question.

Ms. Scully:

  1. Meet individually with students when they have questions or need support with their college support and applications.

  2. Provide general information and timelines for the college application process.

  3. Send all transcripts and letters of recommendations to colleges.

  4. Communicate deadlines for important college related activities and provide information about college and career related activities in the newsletter.

How Colleges Track Your Interest....

Many colleges are tracking the amount of interest each prospective student has in their school. The data they collect is often used in admissions decisions. In addition to tracking campus visits, schools collect data on your communication with the admissions office whether it be via a phone call or email. Software called "Slate" allows colleges to track whether or not students open emails that the colleges send.

How to Show Demonstrated Interest in Your Top Schools

  • Open all emails from your college of interest
  • Click on links within the emails from colleges
  • Attend open houses
  • Tour the college
  • Email admissions counselors with any questions you may have
  • Email thank you notes to admissions counselors after you visit or meet them
  • Interview (when it is an option)
  • Tell admissions counselors why you want to be at their school
  • Apply Early

Great Resources for College Planning

Check out College Wise for guidebooks to help with college essays, the Common Application, athletic recruiting, and more:


Check out Niche to read some first hand college reviews from current students and recent graduates.


Myintuition provides information about the price your family will pay at certain colleges. Check out the link to read what NPR says about this website and its use to figure out the cost of a UMASS education.



SAT Prep - Free Opportunity

Want a chance to win a scholarship to take an online SAT prep class this summer? Kaplan, a national test prep organization, is offering one free online class to a Hampshire student. The value of the class is $850. If you are interested, come down to the guidance office to enter the drawing. The drawing will take place on June 7th at 2:30.

Interested in applying to a State College or University

As grades close for the year, it is important to make sure you are meeting the minimum standards for the state college and universities. Here is a link to the chart showing the GPA and SAT requirements. There is still time to raise you GPA and SAT scores in the fall.

Check out Page 5 of this Document to see the scale.

Summer Programs at UMASS

As summer approaches, UMass Amherst still has financial aid available for a number of pre-college programs, offering college credit with dynamic professors through practical, hands-on experience.

Sustainability Scholarship

UMass Amherst is offering financial aid for students interested in climate action to attend A Sustainable Planet led by Jennifer Merton, Senior Lecturer from the Isenberg School of Management.

Student Athlete Grant

This summer high school student athletes can receive financial aid to attend Sports Broadcasting or Sport Management and Leadership Academy, Hosted by the #1 ranked Sport Management department in the country.

If you have questions about financial aid or any of the pre-college summer programs, please contact:

Ben Mitchell

Summer Programs Coordinator


Cell 413-588-2606

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