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Your News for What's Happening in Room 404-Nov. 15, 2015

Reading News

We will continue our study of Expository, Non-Fiction, Informational text. This past week we looked specifically at the first text structure, which was descriptive text. This coming week we will study sequential text. Sequential text follows a specific order and typically includes timelines. Students will identify sequential order words like: first, next, then, last, finally, a few days later, a month later etc. These words signify passing of time and an order of events or steps. Our mentor text for this structure is called Chimp Math. Students will also examine a passage called How to Wash A Dog. This text will be stapled into their notebook as a reminder and resource of the characteristics for this structure.

Small Group Reading

As small groups meet in the coming weeks, we are applying our new knowledge of expository text structures to the books we are reading in group. We are fortunate to have a great supply of expository books in which students can find and study both descriptive and sequential text. As students make the connection between our whole class mentor texts and what we are reading in small group, their knowledge of the power of text structures deepens their understanding and overall comprehension of the books. Be sure to ask your student about their favorite expository book read thus far. Only one group, is currently reading a fiction novel.

Writing News

Now that our whole class expository essays are complete and we have gone through the process of writing an expository piece from beginning to end, students will begin to work through writing their own piece independently. This week we will take a part of the pillar per day for the students to draft out. Our topic or prompt will be a spin-off of our whole class piece which was to write about your favorite season. As a class, we wrote about the season of fall. Students will choose from summer, spring and winter as they draft their piece this week.

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Veteran's Day Program

Our fourth graders and their amazing program performance has become the talk of Creek View. Truly, the number of compliments and praise received for their voices, pose, respectfulness and honor of our veterans has been impossible to count. We are so proud of the job they did honoring our veterans and are so very thankful for Mrs. Herriage and all of her hard work. Also, super thankful for Shilo Harris and his willingness to speak to our students, not once but twice, and for his attendance at our program. What a treat!
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Grammar/Spelling News

We have covered the doubling rule, doubling and e-drop before adding suffix -ing, and irregular plurals. This week students will receive a new list to work with in class. We are also looking at specific grammar rules during our bell work time, when we revise and edit a short writing passage. During this bell work students must not only justify which answer is correct but also why each incorrect answer should not be chosen. We are really doing some deep thinking and sharing great thoughts.

Staying Connected

Thursday, November 19 - PTO Meeting 11:30, Golden Gator Ceremony

Friday, November 20 - Book Fair Preview

Monday, November 23- Book Fair opens

Tuesday, November 24 - Grandparents Day Lunch

Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27 - School Holidays