Save the Gorillas (by Rhys T.)

The Virunga Mountains gorilla population is dangerously low

Endangered Gorillas

Rhys Thomas

Gorillas face multiple threats in the Virunga Mountains. People are the main threat to the gorillas in the Virunga mountains because they are taking the gorillas' habitats. People are chopping down trees and moving in where they kicked gorillas out. Gorillas can also catch human illnesses and they don't have the medicine to fight off the sickness. People are also killing gorillas for their skin and meat. This is called poaching. In conclusion people pose a BIG threat to gorillas everywhere and arguably the biggest threat to gorillas in any region of the world.
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mother with baby gorilla

Why are gorillas so important?

The ecosystem would be devastated if gorillas were wiped out. The jungles where gorillas live would be really different. For example the gorillas eat poisonous plants that is harmful to humans. The gorillas also eat higher plants that are close to their face to leave sunlight for younger plants so they can grow. Another thing that gorillas do is that they eat seeds like tomato seeds that have to pass through an animal’s stomach before it can grow. The last thing that gorillas do is they create fertilizer when they poop. The ecosystem would be a lot different if gorillas were extinct. The jungle would change and people that explore the jungle will explore it differently without gorillas.
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The map of Virunga National park

Saving the endangered gorillas

The gorillas of the virunga mountains are endangered this is how people are saving the gorillas. Wildlife rangers are protecting gorillas and it is a very dangerous job. Because poachers usually have guns and knives. When protecting the gorillas, the wildlife rangers and can be harmed by the poachers. Because the poachers want the gorillas' hides and meat. People must hire wildlife rangers to protect the gorillas and keep them safe from other humans
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Gorilla in virunga park

Adopt a gorilla from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund!

Video about gorilla adoption

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How the Virunga Mountain National Park is saving gorillas.

The population of gorillas is no longer dropping in Virunga National Park. Thanks to the help of the national wildlife rangers of Virunga national Park the population is rising. The wildlife rangers Remove Traps and that is incredibly dangerous because the traps could easily set off on them. The population has grown from 400 in 2010 to 880 in 2015. Mainly because of thee virunga park and wildlife rangers, the population of gorillas in africa has grown
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Gorilla looking somewhere

Virunga - The Quest to Protect Africa's Oldest National Park

Virunga national park

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