Success Technology

February Edition

YouTube Updates

Features and restrictions changed for YouTube on January 25:

  1. Vetted YouTube are available for elementary students for the first time, and “comments” are disabled and invisible.

  2. Vetted YouTube will continue to be available to middle and high school students, but “comments” are disabled and invisible.

  3. Unrestricted YouTube will continue for all staff, and “comments” are visible.

  4. YouTube content for students K-12 is pre-vetted and approved instead of fully open. YouTube for Edu has already pre-approved a massive number of appropriate videos to start with and RRISD can approve and grant access via teacher request if a video is restricted. It is very likely videos you use are already view-able. Staff encountering an appropriate video that is still restricted should simply fill out a Support Desk ticket using the RRISD Customer Portal, and any ITS or IT staff can permit the video, district-wide.

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OneTab is a Chrome extension recommended by Valerie Burleigh, and it is a great time-saving tool. If you use a lot of Chrome tabs at once, use OneTab tab to convert your tabs into a list. Then, use the list to restore tabs one by one or all at once. You can also restore tabs after closing Chrome. Find the extension in the Chrome Store.
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My Maps

My Maps is a great Google tool that allows you to create and share customized maps. Give it a try!
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ALAS Students in the Library

Kinzie Morgan Mallott took her ALAS students to the library to create a Valentine's Day poem. Students wrote poems using the "Roses are Red..." template and then recorded their poems using the ChatterPix app on the iPads. Watch one of the final products by downloading this video.
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