October Activities

Let's Have Some Fun!

At Maple Hill, we want our kids to enjoy their childhood memories and have fun! COVID-19 and Distance Learning have impacted how we have our fun, but we will not be discouraged. We will make lemonade from these lemons! We hope these activities lift your child's spirit and bring a smile to their face!

Thursday, October 15th

Family Night Out

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October 19th-23rd

Red Ribbon Week

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Thursday, October 29th

Family Trivia Night

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Friday, October 30th


Students can wear their costumes to their class Zoom session. Their costume should be appropriate for school and should not display excessive blood or violence. Play weapons, such as knives or guns, will not be permitted during the Zoom session. Costumes should be tasteful, modest, and appropriate for the school environment. Students may wear their costumes throughout the day, however, the costume must permit the student to sit and participate in the learning for the day. Masks must be removed during the instruction.

October 30th-November 1st

Costume Contest

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