Google Chrome Apps for Classroom

Free google chrome apps that would be helpful in the class

Module 9

For this module I will be exploring the different apps that could be used in a classroom. I believe that these apps could help to enhance a classroom setting.

1) Google Chrome

Google Docs I think would be an incredibly helpful tool is the classroom. google docs allows the students to all participate in a document at the same time, no matter when or where. Google docs would be a great example of Flexible learning.

An example of how google docs could be used in a classroom would be if Grade 11 students were working on a group research project. Google docs could allow them all to find information, put it in the google docs, and then plan out how they want to lay out the information, and collaborate to produce a final project.

2) Common Core Quest

Common Core Quest is an application that is full of math and english skill related games. This type of app would be great for students from grades 4-6.

An example of a situation that Common Core Quest could be utilized would be if student had some free time, they could use classroom iPads to play the games on Common Core Quest to pass the time. It would be fun for the students but they would still be learning.

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3) The Elementals

This is a fun free game that helps the students learn the elements of the periodic table. However, the twist is that each of the elements has their own personality that resembles their characteristics.

An example of how this would be useful in a classroom would be for students from Grades 6-7 who are learning, or having difficulties grasping each of the element. They could use this fun interactive app to help them learn.

4) Create Random Assignments (Education)

This app allows the educators to create an assignment on the app that has multiple questions, or parts of questions/ project. The students need to work together but are only allowed to answer parts of the question using a log in. This would be great for group activities laid out by the teacher because if someone wasn't pulling their weigh with the project, the teacher would know.

An example where this could be used would be in a Grade 9-12 class where an in class computer lab assignment needed to be preformed.

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5) Video Playlist - Google Play for Education

This app allows teacher to share, and communicate to each other regarding great educational videos that could be used in class to help aid in the instruction.

An example would be for any grade, and the teachers could all share videos onto the app, and from there the educator needs to go on the specific video playlist that would work best for their class and pick an appropriate video for them to show their students.