Born this way foundation

By Alexis Gibson

The Born this way Foundation

The BTWF( The born this way foundation) has created a Foundation that helps people feel comfortable in their own skin.They created a "game" were you can meet new people in your area and get involved in different things.It was started by Lady Gaga and her mother for the purposes of people being able to love themselves. They have support groups around the world and a suicide hotline.

The money that is donated is put into three major categories.They are for the online game to pay for all the technical aspects so they can have a free site to find friends, The second one is for bus/plane far so they can tour around the world to spread awareness, and the third is for keeping up the suicide hotline. Many people have given this Foundation good reviews including Oprah and Ellen. Oprah said "This organization helps kids around the world accept themselves." Ellen said "I`m excited to see what amazing things this organization brings to the table." Also Charity Navigator gave it a 89.65% review.

Gabrielle`s Story

Gabrielle is a 17 year old girl who was just trying to fit in all through high school.Around Junior year Gabrielle became depressed and turned to drinking and cutting to cope with it.She found the website once from Facebook. She signed up and immediately found a friend through it. They messaged for two months when Gabrielle told her about her depression and cutting. Her friend named Brian had just told her he was gay asked to meet up.They met and have been best friends, Gabrielle helps Brian work up the courage to tell his parents hes gay, and Brian helps Gabrielle stop drinking and cutting. She`s currently sober and much happier.
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