Ali Conte

Election of 1968

  • Republican: Richard Nixon
  • Democratic: Hubert Humphrey
  • Nixon won the electoral vote 301 to Humphrey's 191
  • Nixon won 32 states, Humphrey won 13

Election of 1972

  • Republican: Richard Nixon
  • Democratic: George McGovern
  • Nixon won the electoral vote 520 to McGovern's 17
  • Nixon won 49 states, McGovern won 1

Vietnam War

  • Vietnamization: Administration that was passed to end US involvement in Vietnam. It aimed to expand, equip, and train S.K military to take a commanding role in the war, and it also steadily reduced the number of US troops in Korea.
  • Nixon Doctrine: It stated that the US would assist in the defense and developments of its allies, but wouldn't undertake the role of protector of all free nations. It meant that the US would act as a nuclear umbrella when needed.
  • Cambodia: The Vietnamese-Cambodian War officially started on December 25th, 1978
  • Pentagon Papers: A series of papers detailing US involvement in the Vietnam war from 1947-1967. It essentially showed that the Johnson administration had lied to the public and Congress. They had secretly ramped up the bombings by bombing Cambodia and Laos, as well as North Vietnam. Daniel Ellsberg, who released the papers, was originally charged for conspiracy and theft of government property, however these charges were dropped after Watergate.
  • SALT Treaty: A peace talk between the two Cold War powers, USSR and US, about reducing arms. It ended with the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and an interim agreement between the two countries.
  • War Powers Resolution: A federal law aimed to limit the presidents power to bring the US into a war. It stated the the President had to give Congress 48 hours notice before sending troops somewhere, and they had 60 days to remain with an additional 30 days for withdrawal unless Congress declares war.

Policy of “détente”

Detente: The easing of Geo-political tensions between the USSR and US. It loosely translated to "un-freezing" or "thawing out". This period was characterized by treaties such as SALT I and the Helsinki Accords. It was an extension of the after-effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis when the two powers agreed to install a direct hotline between the two.


Watergate: A major political scandal that occured at the Democratic National Committe Headquarters at the Watergate complex. Nixon had bugged and videotaped their headquarters and had attempted to have it broken into. He had also recorded conversations in the Oval Office. The tapes implicated Nixon and showed his attempts to cover up the Presidency's involvement in the affair. Nixon was forced to release the tapes to court, and with mounting evidence against him and an impending impeachment, he resigned from office. Gerald Fold, his successor, pardoned him