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Term 3

The Importance Of Country & Place


Language is extremely important to Aborigianal peoples. Languages carry cultural knowledge,so the loss of a language means the loss of culture, of aborigianal people's connections to their ancestiors.

"The important thing about language and what it meens is that the language contains the essence of our annsestiors, every word comes from place and idenifies people and links to the land and country, the dreaming : they are alll inhertent in laguage therefor it meens the people the land everything." Yolngu Elder Laruie Baymarrwangga

  • Explain the importance of language to the Aboriginal people in your own words.

Language is important to the aboridginal people because...

Language is important to aborignal people beacause if the get there language and culture taken of them the wont be able to do anything there used to like hunt for the same food where the same clothes there used to it aboriganal culture wont be the same without aboriganals they would abbsaloutly hate it if they got the language and cuture taken of them

. Use the interactive map to locate and identify the local language group.

The local language group of illawara is...

it is also known as...