This is my rock,

My sail, and my back bone.

It goes with me throughout

Every journey.

I am nothing with out it,

Yet suddenly, just a number

With it.

I am not numbers. I am

Matter and thoughts and ideas.

I matter.

I have meaning and perceptions

That, with out my education,

Would never be.

I have infinite resources to help

Me. Yet none will.

I will use loans, I will sell my things,

I will steal.

Instead of seeing my struggle,

The state sees my grades.

The state has not helped

Me, my parents, students.

They have helped the rankings,

the country.

I am not the country.

I am a student with a mind

That will forever have a grasp on

What should and shouldn't be.

What should be is a reform.

What should be is financial aid

That won't result in a sudden and inevitable decline.

What shouldn't be is a reform.

What shouldn't be is a change

In all curriculum, in every state

Because the country isn't

Satisfied with their national


This is not my fault, this is my

Country's fault.

I cannot learn when it cannot