Cortland Partners LeaseStar Update

May 2016

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As our partnership continues to grow, we at RealPage want to ensure your account is maintaining the highest level of service and attention. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to Aaron Villarreal, as your dedicated LeaseStar Strategic Account Manager. Over the past few weeks, David has been on-boarding Aaron to your account. We fully trust that Aaron will add incredible value to you and your organization, as he does to ours!

Aaron will be your internal advocate overseeing your Leasing and Marketing operations and ensuring your expectations are being met. As well, he will review your account needs daily, and compile a monthly report for your review with trended analysis that shows you how we are performing so that we can be held accountable.


  • Aaron brings a depth of experience to your account, having worked over 10 years in the hospitality industry in varied roles and spending the last two and a half years within the RealPage family.
  • We believe his commitment to service and vast knowledge of revenue management and the multi-family industry, along with his prior experience working with YieldStar, make him a perfect partner for the Cortland team.
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We are releasing a completely new Website administration interface within Marketing Center. The new CMS is addressing some of the most requested features such as the addition of an Active Preview window to show all website updates in real-time, new way to preview changes for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile, and a new Website Analytics Tab showing graphs and chart of your property website traffic.

We are releasing the new interface for customers soon for preview release so stay tuned!


We are excited to announce, coming June 2016 there will be no more need to request users through RealPage Support!

  • A new "Super User" role will grant access to manager users at a company level.
  • Super Users can add and delete users, assign them to properties, and control permissions.
  • Super Users can add users, disable users, assign them to properties, control permissions and change passwords.


We understand the pain and frustration you may have as a result of multiple logins for each marketing application. To help tackle this problem, we are actively working to support "Seamless Sign-On". With seamless sign-on you will be able to seamlessly navigate across various marketing applications without having to remember multiple logins and security questions. The feature is expected to be made available in Q3 2016. Additional details coming soon!


A total of 89 support cases were submitted for the month of April for LeaseStar products with an average resolution time of 19 hours, falling within our Service Level Standards.

  • User Management - 62
  • Post Implementation Changes - 17
  • Defect/Fix - 6
  • How To - 4


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We are getting greener!

RealPage recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from Shaw Contract Group, recognizing our company for its environmental stewardship.

In February, RealPage contributed 225,124 pounds of carpet to the Shaw Carpet Recycling Network. By participating in post-consumer carpet reclamation, we’ve avoided sending waste to the landfill. Instead, the old carpet at Lakeside will be used to manufacture more carpet, to create products for other industries, or to power industrial operations.

This is just one of the many ways we’re becoming a more sustainable organization.

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