Mrs. Barber's First Grade

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for attending conferences. I enjoyed sharing your child's successes in first grade. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

** Thursday 12:55-2:25 We will be taking the reading DA-an end of the quarter computer benchmark given by the county. We will practice this genre on paper and I will send home our copy on Tuesday so you can look over the types of questions we may encounter.

** Friday 12:55-2:25 We will be taking the Math DA-an end of the quarter computer benchmark given by the county. This will cover all the math we have studied this quarter. We will review this week in class. Don't forget to use the ECLASS web page and click on the computer to practice our math AKS.

Curriculum News

Reading Workshop-we are reading and answering questions from our just right books. We are also exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction texts.

Writing Workshop- we are finishing up our personal narratives. We will be editing our stories to make sure we have capital letters, punctuation, strong leads, and a story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

Math Workshop- we continue to work on word problems and using multiple strategies to solve them. This week we add in missing addend to our word problems. ex. 6+___= 13

Science- we are scientists and are observing the world around us. We will investigate the properties of matter (liquid, solid, gas) and become meteorologists as we explore the tools used to study weather.