Outback Animals

By Orion Long

What's there?

There are many different kinds of animals there. Many are unique to the area because of it's isolation from the rest of the world. They have animals such as the kangaroos, the kolas, dingos, thorny devils, and canals although they were brought there from Asia. They also have more dangerous one such as many poisonous snakes, spiders, and crocodiles.
Australian Outback funny animals

How do they survive?

All have adapted to the hot climate there. Many live underground or in the shade and come out at night for food. Others just live in what water there is there. Many animals collect water from what they eat as plants hold moisture very well. Then there is the Thorny Devil which is a great showing of how they have adapted. They have little tubes all over there body to collect water from plants and from rain when it comes. Some survive by energy efficient travel like the kangaroo which hops to travel and rests when it gets to hot.

What would happen to them if they were still connected to other continents?

The life wouldn't be as diverse. Some species would be nowhere near the same there. Animals such as the kangaroo and kolas would of probably be extinct because of hunting from predators. Many other species would of lived there other then them and would of taken over the land. Overall it wouldn't be close to the same at all.