Need a babysitter? I'm your gal!

Let me tell you a bit of info of what you'll want to know!

I'm sure you wanna know some things right?!

Like especially if I'm CPR certified. Well I will be soon. I'm taking some classes on it and just need to take the test. I will be getting a certificate soon also.

I currenlty know about diabetes, asthma, and other things. So I know what to do in a lot of situations.

I usually work with a lot of kids, and I like to bring things that can be fun to do, and safe for the kids!

Consider me when you need a babysitter!

My hours are:

Mon. - 5 pm to 9 pm.

Tues - Thursday : 4 pm to 9 pm

Fri - 4 pm to midnight.

Sat - Sun : noon to midnight.

Need to get ahold of me?

I'll post my phone number later whenever I get the chance to!


$5 an hour

If I'm watching 3 kids or more its an extra $2 each kid. (example: if you have me watch three kids it will be the 5 dollars an hour plus extra 2 dollars. Say I watch them for an hour then the price will be $7.)

Also another thing! I can watch kids at your house, or you can bring them to my house, either option will be fine with me!