By, Peyton W., and Alice E.

What is a supernova?

Supernovas are exploding stars that give an enormous amount of energy as they flare brightly and then flicker out and die.

Supernova Qualities

A supernova has to form from very big stars. Even our Sun is to small to become a supernova. Supernovas happen when a star is at the end of its lifetime. When the star runs out of nuclear fuel some of it's mass goes to its core and eventually the core gets too heavy and it can't withstand it's own gravitational force and then the core collapses and causes the star to explode and becomes a supernova. When supernovas form they give off an enormous amount of light, some can even be brighter than a galaxy. In a short amount of time they can even give off more light than the sun could in a million years.

The First Supernova Found

Supernovas have been going on even before Earth formed but the crazy thing is humans didn't ever even know there were supernovas until February 23 1987 when an astronomer looked through his telescope and saw something he had never seen before and it was a supernova.

Supernova Names

Supernovas that are found usually have a code- like name with numbers and letters. One supernova though is called the Crab Nebula and we still can see the remains of it today.

Fun Facts

Some supernovas are so bright you can see them in the day time but this happens very rarely.

Our Sun is a white dwarf star.

In 1054 some Chinese astronomers saw a supernova in the constellation Taurus. Even today, we can see the bright, and colorful remains of the supernova. We call it the Crab Nebula.


So we have learned that supernovas are amazing things that are the after math of an exploding star in which it lasts creating amazing images before it can no longer exist.